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IT Solutions

Farmazona Systems Outline

Farmazona is a company where the technology is one of its principal strengths over the competence. With a complete solution of ERP and WMS softwares, we are able to offer a fast integration process with any system used in the whole world, giving advantages to our customers acquiring the information that they need in real time with the highest security standards to ensure confidentiality.

About J.D. Edwards OneWorld

J.D. Edwards OneWorld is a solution that gives organizations the freedom to choose how they assemble their internal applications and how they collaborate with partners and customers across the supply chain to increase competitive advantage.

This software has a complete set of tools for order entry, inventory management, invoicing, financial, direct procurement and materials management, customer management information, logistic and distribution allowing us to provide better customer service and increase operational efficiencies.

In Farmazona we have developed our own applications that allow us to make fast tracking, get alerts in real time of finished processes, a complete integration with the WMS system and, capabilities to make EDI using FTP or HTTPS connection for best security.

With J.D. Edwards, we pride ourselves on empowering our clients with very flexible solutions. Today, our clients can have real-time access to their information at any time and in any place, increasing productivity and providing a competitive advantage in the collaborative market.

Operation details for Sales Orders

1.Order Entry: It’s possible to upload orders using a common file with the information required through an HTTPS or FTP protocol. Also it’s possible entering the order directly in our system using our web site.

2.Backorders: We can handle backorders to allow automatic releases when stock is available, giving flexibility to release partial orders.

3.Order Packing: When the order is entered, an automatic email is sent to the warehouse to advise a new order in place indicating priority. Also, statuses are changed to allow fast reports and filtering.

4.Invoicing: When the order has been picked and packed an automatic email is sent to the Customer Service department to process the documentation at the Colon Free Zone Administration.

5.Shipping: While the documentation is processed, we are getting prepared for loading and waiting the final release for the shipment. When the process finishes an automatic file can be transmitted to our customer with the information required.

6.Tracking: All this steps can be tracked in one screen that’s available for all our customers and key accounts managers. On this screen you can see how many days are delayed in every single status and in the whole order cycle.

Operation details for Purchase Orders

1.Order Entry: Also we can upload PO using different ways:

a.EDI interfaces IN: The PO is uploaded in our system at the time the order is sent to the provider or something similar.

b.EDI interfaces OUT: The PO is generated in our system using the forecast information and is transmitted to the customer for processing.

c.Manual Entry: using the shipment documentation for manual entry.

2.Put Away Process: This is a manual process to validate physical product quantities match invoiced quantities. When this process is finished, a new file can be interfaced to our customers confirming reception.

3.Allocation Process: This task is done using RF terminals. It’s the physical movement from the put away process to the rack location.

Currently we have options to send daily files with stock availability to keep our customers systems up to date.

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