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Contract Warehousing
& distribution

We provide customers with customized logistics solutions. Our large Distribution Centers and the strategic geographical position allow us to develop real effective and fast distribution solutions to support our customers in reaching their clients in Latin America, North South America and the Caribbean, supported by an efficient logistics platform.

We offer customer real logistics that brings them real result and depending on their specific needs, we design and develop dedicated logistics and best IT infrastructure for a full EDI platform.

All our warehouses are administrated using the best IT and warehouse management systems that allows to know the specific location for each product in any given time as well as all the trading information for each product (rotation, expiration date, etc.)


Our large docking area for receiving and shipping allow us to offer real and effective logistics solutions for the cross docking of in transit cargos from an inbound container dock to an outbound container dock. Because of the type of operation these cargos do not requires storing only control, verification and re-exported to different destinations in Latin America, North South America and the Caribbean.

Each case received in our Distribution Centers pass thought a process of condition review and verification against packing list. Depending on the product or industry, we will review expiration date and its lot number.

After the receiving process is completed, each case is been labeled using bar codes for proper allocation in our storage area. Our warehouse management system indicates us the available positions for new incoming products.

Storing & Inventory

We count with different type of storage conditions according to each product specific storing needs, for controlled temperature from +22 to +24 degrees Celsius, refrigerated rooms for temperatures from +2 to +8 degrees Celsius, freezers and general dry storing conditions.

All the processes in our warehouse are 100% automatized and our WMS allow us to have full control and management of our customers stocks using the best innovative tools according the international inventory management principles (FIFO, LIFO, etc.).

Pick & Pack

Our Customer Service Representatives receives more than a 100 orders and process more than 1,000 order lines on a daily basis, were immediately they are processed, picked, packed and shipped to different destinations.

Our logistics platform and IT systems allow us to ship orders by full pallets, full cases or partial cases, keeping the industry standards in stock rotation.

The Customer Service Representatives also prepare the export documents and comply with the customs needs of each country of destination.

Freight Management

Our Customer Service Representatives not only processes and prepare your export documents; they also manage and coordinate the international transportations of each order to the end clients in each country of destination by air, sea or land.
Value Added Services

One of our main services is our ability to offer a wide range of value added services that goes from:
- Repackaging
- Kitting
- Assembling
- Reduce or Increase presentation
- Labeling
- Marking
- Promotional packaging.

Up to any specific needs that our customers may have. Keeping each industry highest standards for the conditioning of products, like GMP & GSP certifications.

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